Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I can't Vote for Obama

Obama/Biden vs. McCain/Palin (vs. Barr vs. Nader?!)

- Life - McCain/Palin's strong emphasis on allowing unborn children a right to life vs. Obama/Biden's rejection of any attempt to allow even an aborted fetus's a chance to live (like the BAIPA)..Obama said "The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act" - this is the most important issue anyone who cares about children should consider in this election.

- Judicial Nominations Obama stated he would never have nominated Alito, Thomas, Roberts and Scalia - In my opinion, these are the ones who are keeping our Constitution from being completely re-written by the court system (that's what Amendments are for!)

- Iraq War victory- McCain is one of the FEW who called for more military to finish the job of defeating Saddam, defeating Al Quaeda and securing a functioning Democracy in Iraq. He and Petraeus and Bush deserve all the credit for sticking with our committments and national interest by pushing to establish security instead of pulling out in defeat, as most Democrats and Obama specifically would not have gone into Iraq (wrong call) and pulled out early, giving Al Quaeda a major victory.
  • In my view, we went into Iraq with multinational support and in support of UN while Iraq was in violation of multiple agreements and fired at our aircraft and was building a chem-bio program and had plans to obtain nuclear programs...therefore we went into Iraq justifiable and won the immediate war but made some mistakes - particularly with logistics, re-establishing a working govt and relating to the governed. We also wasted way too much money - all valid critiques
- Afghanistan victory - Similar to above. Not sure if Obama would have gone to war against Taliban and set up a functioning democracy in Afghanistan. Both want a surge in military to hold security while country stabilizes and hopefully nabs OBL.

- Government Waste - McCain's 88% lifetime rating voting against Govt Waste vs. Obama's 18% and Bidens 22% (

- Earmarks (McCain never earmarks, and wants to end them completely, Obama put $330M in 2007 alone!)

- Demonstrated Leadership - McCain's combat leadership vs. Obama's community organizing

- Tax Cuts (Obama will "roll back" Bush tax cuts and increase capital gains taxes, making it more expensive to sell stock...)

- Legislative record of working across party lines (McCain-Lieberman, McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy) Obama never went against his own party to compromise on major bills. He says he will, but his actions don't demonstrate it.

- Expanding oil drilling now and incentivizing market for alternative energy - Obama will not allow drilling now, nor establishing more domestic energy production (which would increase jobs) - Obama only advocates future moves to alternative energy...just like every president since Nixon has said...


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