Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why NOT Declare Victory in Iraq?

Bloggers across America declare 22 NOV 08 as Victory in Iraq Day -

The metrics by which we have measured success in Iraq are truly taking form.
- The freely elected Iraqi government established itself as a mostly independent entity, capable of holding the peace and defeating Al Quaeda and insurgent forces (still needs our help for communications/coordinations/intel)
- Al Quaeda in Iraq continues to be ineffective in disrupting the establishment of a normative political state
- The death rate of American Servicemen is so low now that the Pentagon is noticing more Servicemen die on Motorcycle Accidents than in Iraq.
- Most provinces in Iraq are controlled by Iraqi forces with American support only.
- Status of Forces Agreement is nearly completed with Iraqi government, which would allow the US to operate with Iraq as a partner/coequal - similar to our agreements with NATO countries (where we have bases, I might add).

So, my viewpoint is WHY NOT declare Victory? Obama's election is a perfect time for us to transition our relationship with Iraq as he will seek to withdraw troops and move them to Afghanistan to complete the Victory there. Our nation will have a declarative time by which to reassess our reasons for joining with Coalition Forces to defeat Saddam Hussein and end his programs of WMD. The press also will be more inclined to report on the good news in Iraq now that Obama is President as well.

Lastly, it will be a chance to truly congratulate and celebrate the American Military for fighting and winning the most efficient and effective war in American History. The statistics are staggering when compared to other wars we have fought:
- Lowest death rate
- Amazing recovery from injury
- Minimal collateral damage
- Speed by which we toppled Saddam's government
- WMD programs and facilities found and destroyed or removed
- Logistical dominance of moving such a large force so quickly
- Technological advances in unmanned vehicles, communications and real-time data sharing on the battlefield


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